Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hello Feburary

Hi All,

So January is now over but it is usually the month for change & although I set no resolutions, I did instead set myself some goals.   One is to be more positive about the things I have, & less about the things I don't or cannot change.  Another is to conquer fear, not an easy one for most of us.  One of the things I fear is change.  Not that once it happens I don't try to embrace it, because I do, but I don't usually go looking for it.  So...... I have decided to change the frequency in which I write this blog & to change some of the features & this week I am going to take you through a few choices,

On Thursday I was meeting the head of our services for the very first time & had to give a presentation....Well it would be a lie to say I wasn't nervous, but I know the power fashion has over my daily spirit, so dressing for the occasion was a must;

Structured textured Peplum Top (Tu)
Lace Skirt (Zara)
Black Patent courts(Dorothy Perkins)
Feather Earrings (Primark)

 Necklace (H&M)

                                                   Bag (Zara) 

Scarf (Tu)
Coat with removable fur collar (Zara)
Feeling good helped & it went off well.  It's so easy to wear Black all the time through the winter, but jazzing it up a little with nude works well.  Are you someone that only wears gold or silver, well don't limit yourself by shying away from glass jewellery, it can be just as effective as Gold & sliver.

As most of you know it was Rock up in red day yesterday & raise money for the British heart foundation, but I totally forgot,  

But did so last Monday instead, totally oblivious to the fact it would have been appreciated more at the end of the week.  But I'm human & forgot, but here's how I did it on Monday.

Red Dress (Tesco)
Red & gold feather earrings (Super Drug)
                                                                                              Gold Belt (Dominica, WI)

Gold plated statement necklace

Red Court shoes
(Top Shop)

I've worn this dress for the past 4 or 5 years & have matched it with lots of different colours, so this time I went gold. 

Don't be scared to be daring if you are wearing clothes from previous years.  I have items of clothing that are nearly as old as my 1st heartbeat (my daughter) & if they are quality, will stand the test of time & done the right way, can still make you feel great.  

So there you have it.

Enjoy your week until next time. 

Stylish AT50

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  1. Loving red and gold hun you look fab..I must try that..stay bless..xx